Tooling Loan Fund: Team Spotlight

We have chosen Marie, Investment Manager for the National Tooling Loan Fund, for our Team Spotlight to learn more about what the fund has to offer.
Tell us about yourself and your background.

I started my career in banking with HSBC before moving to the Bank of Scotland Corporate, working with the lead director on a portfolio of large corporate clients. I then moved to the Bank of Scotland Private Banking, leading the Birmingham office credit team, and then progressing to lead the Regional Credit team covering various geographical areas.

I joined FDC in June 2014 after taking my redundancy from banking, a sector I had worked in for over 24 years. I joined the team as an Investment Manager on the newly launched Tooling Loan Fund.

What is your role at FDC?

My role at FDC is an Investment Manager on the National Tooling Loan Fund, this involves delivering funding opportunities to manufacturing businesses across England looking to raise capital to help complete new or confirmed orders.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

"Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality."

Why FDC? What drew you to the family?

Having worked in banking for over 24 years, what drew me into the FDC family was being able to work with a small team of people delivering alternative funding, as well as helping make a difference to SME businesses across the UK.


Tooling questions:

Tell us a bit about the National Tooling Loan Fund?

The National Tooling Loan Fund provides manufacturers in any sector, funding to support the design, development and manufacture of tooling required for new and confirmed projects. It is open to eligible manufacturing businesses working anywhere in England, with available finance of up to £2 million.

What does “tooling” mean?

When FDC talk about tooling, we refer to a tool used to press, mould, form or stamp a component. This tooling is usually housed in a machine facility for the shaping and forming of parts used within large manufacturing projects. However, the machine or housing facility isn’t classed as the “tool” and our fund cannot be used for this specifically.

Who is eligible for the fund?

The funding is available to toolmakers and component manufacturers in England.

Tell us a bit about those that have previously benefitted from the fund?

Many of our previous clients that we have supported through the National Tooling Loan Fund have gone on to secure further rounds of funding to support their new projects. For example, we have a portfolio client on their 7th tooling loan where the business has grown exponentially over the last 9 years and gone on to bid on larger projects.


Quick fire round

What is your favourite song/artist/author/hobby/thing and why?

I like to go to the gym or go for a daily walk/run, this helps to set me up for the day and reset my mind.

Last destination you travelled to and the next one you aspire to go?

I went to Dubai at the beginning of the year. I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives and have decided to go next year for a big birthday, my 50th.

One interesting fact about yourself.

I have climbed Snowdon for charity.

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