Female Founders Focus: Case Study - Igloo Vision

To celebrate the positive impact of female business founders and to continue on from International Women’s Day, throughout March we will be taking a closer look at women in leadership and highlighting the success of some of our portfolio companies who have utilised investment to grow their business’ ambitions.

Leading virtual reality specialist Igloo Vision has seen exponential growth since it was established in 2007, securing investment from a variety of sources, including several rounds from Frontier Development Capital to back the company's continued success, supporting their development of innovative VR solutions.

Igloo Vision specialises in immersive 360° virtual reality solutions which enable you to display and engage with any type of digital content in a shared space. The business has gone from renting and selling its dome-like immersive ‘igloos,’ to converting existing meeting rooms into immersive workspaces installed by companies such as Nike, Deloitte, Microsoft, FedEx, Diageo and more.

The company has developed several innovative solutions to create its shared immersive spaces with no need for VR headsets, so you can share the immersion with groups of people. Their Igloo Shared VR is ideal for collaboration, simulation, visualisation, and experiences, with a range of immersive spaces and software packages to choose from.

FDC backed Igloo Vision in 2019 to support their international expansion as they grew their chain of sales and demonstration centres, and again in 2021 to support the firm's further growth plans and product launches, such as the immersive rooms which can project 360° imagery regardless of surface, and size or shape, simulating experiences across rooms worldwide allowing for global team collaboration.

Igloo Vision has a highly experienced team, with multiple women in leadership roles who have played a huge part in supporting the company's growth. 


Kathryn Hoverd, Investment Manager at FDC, commented:

“International Women’s Day is a great day to bring focus towards the achievements of women in business, but it is also important to remember how far we still have to go, making sure we support women in business and leadership roles with access to the financial backing needed to help their business thrive.

"It is vital that alternative lenders Invest in Women and provide the resources and backing women in business and leadership roles need to accelerate growth. At Frontier Development Capital, we can provide the aid business leaders need to push their business to the next stage, no matter who they are.

“Igloo Vision is a perfect example of how FDC can support businesses and management leaders, as the business has continued to rise with the help of its financial backing, achieving its full growth potential.”



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